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        1. 三分鐘的勵志英語演講稿

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          Everybody good afternoon:. First of all thank the teacher gave me a story in my own future ideal job. Everyone has a dream job. My dream is to become a boss, own a company. In order to achieve my dreams, I need to find a good job, to accumulate some experience and wealth, it is the necessary things Of course, in the school good achievement and rich knowledge is also very important. Good achievement and rich experience can let me work to make the right choice, have more opportunities and achievements. At the same time, communication is very important, because it determines whether my company has a good future development. So I need to exercise their communicative ability. I need to use all of the free time to learn all. Because I believe, there is nothing in the world can shake my determination. You will be successful, as your own efforts. So seize the time, we have no time to waste. Nothing in the world can change their patience ( confidence ).


          I have a wonderful family.I'm lucky to be a part of it.Let me tell you about them. My family name is Lee.My family history is long and proud.There are five people in my family now. My parents love me very much.They do a lot for me.When I need help, they are always there.

          My dad is a strong guy.He's honest and hardworking.He's like a superhero to me. My mom is a smart woman.She can do almost anything.I just can't praise her enough. I have two siblings.They are my older brother and younger sister.Sometimes we argue,but we mainly get along.

          My family likes being together.We like eating out and going to the movies.We also enjoy hiking and having picnics. My family isn't perfect.We have our ups and downs.But we always forgive and make up. Our motto is “United together forever.” I'll always cherish my family.I hope your family is lovely,too.


          First, I want to ask you a question; What does family mean? Someone told me: It means Father And Mother, I Love You.

          Today I am very happy to stand here to express my opinion to my dear parents. First, I want to say thank you to my mom and dady .Without you, I would not enjoy such a colorful life. You both love me for ever and never leave me alone when I was in trouble. Thank you. Mom and dady, thank you. When I was in my hard time, you are my tender sunshine which encourages me to hold on and never give up. And now I am too excited .I don't know how to express my true feeling with limited words. What I know is that without you my life will be filled with endless suffering and mistake .

          Thank you!


          In may, there is always a kind of feelings, always have a firm belief in rising. 16 candles lit up the youth milestone in the life journey, we met in the starting line of youth, for it made a regretless promise Duan Shaohua years, ready to go

          Youth is like a eagle flying high, tirelessly, towards the sea of clouds on each level advance, regardless of the ups and downs, and how much heart, how big is the heaven and earth. We in the wide world singing the music of youth, flying dreams of youth. We use of unremitting efforts, the endless pursuit, showing the power of youth.

          Life gives us a huge and unlimited noble gift, this is youth: full of power, full of expectation, ambition for knowledge and struggle, full of hope and confidence of youth!

          Finally, I want to use liang qichao's words to end today's speech: "young wisdom is the wisdom, is the young rich national wealth, young strong a country is strong, young is the progressive, young males in the earth, the male in the earth." Let's spread the sweat, drink pick-up, chew one with difficulty,

          Let youth burning under the red flag. Wish every young man holding his own dream, to shoulder their responsibilities, constantly have ridden on the voyage of life, forge ahead!


          Ladies and Gentlemen:

          It’s our great honor and deepest pleasure to welcome you, our dear friends, both old and new from all over China, all over Asia, and all over the world.

          On behalf of our dedicated classmates, our distinguished teachers, foreign friends, especially our gracious host, the No.2 LongGang High School,we greet you and encourage you to seize upon this unique opportunity to conquer English and make lifelong friends with people from every province of our wonderful country and throughout the world. By conquering English, we can help ourselves and others.

          We are human beings, not animals. We know what we want to do. We know our destiny is in our hands. With hard work and determination, we can do anything we set our minds to do.

          From today on we will accompany you day and night every minute on this unique journey.

          We want you to open your heart.

          We want you to be devoted.

          We want you to be crazy.

          We want you to forget about your face.

          We want you to open your mouth wildly.

          We want you to broaden your mind.

          We want you to expand your horizons.

          We want you to conquer your laziness and all your other human weaknesses.

          We want you to overcome all the obstacles that hold you back.

          We want to share your joy and we want to share your struggle, but most important of all, we want to share your glory and victory!

          We are the future of China, the future of Asia, and the future of the world!

          We can make the world a better place.

          We can make a difference.

          We desire to win.

          We must win!

          We will win, absolutely, and without any doubt!

          From painfully shy children who felt terrible about ourselves, who regarded ourselves as human trash, born losers, to internationally recognized English promoters, we made it. we strongly believe that you will make it too!

          Let’s do it together!

          We have confidence in you!













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