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        1. 通用的保護環境英語演講稿

          | 冠蘭0


          Win Competition of Environment Protection for Beijing

          Although the 2008 Olympics are still three years away, another special competition has already started in Beijing. This time, the competitors are not the athletes from all over the world, but the people living in Beijing. The special competition is not held in a stadium, but in every street and every corner of Beijing. I suppose some of you may have already guessed what the special competition is. Yes, it is the competition of protecting our environment and creating a green Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

          Someone may ask who is our rival in this competition? The modern Los Angeles, the charming Sydney, or the historic Athens? No, none of them. The real rival is ourselves. It is our bad habits of neglecting to protect environment in our daily life.

          Several years ago, I was very lucky to have an opportunity to live in the United States for about two years. I not only enjoyed the beautiful environment there, but also appreciated the American people's active way of protecting their environment. Now, whenever the environment protection is mentioned, a beautiful view of California will arise in my mind: white clouds flying acrothe blue sky, green grassplot sprinkled with colorful flowers and small animals playing happily among the trees.

          I remember that at the beginning of my coming to America, I often went to my father's working place, the United States Geological Survey, to have fun. Each time I found a lot of people riding bicycles to their offices. Among the cyclists, an old man with white hair attracted my attention. Curiously, I asked my father," Why does the old man ride his bike to work every day? Doesn't he have enough money to buy a car?" Father laughed, "No, not because of money. Actually, he is one of the greatest scientists in the world. He can afford to buy a motorcade if he likes. He is just an environmentalist and usually doesn't drive unlegoing shopping, or in bad weather. In America, there are a lot of environmentalists, who actively protect their environment. For example, in Palo Alto city we are living now, there is even a bicycle-to-work day on May 19th every year to encourage people to decrease air pollution caused by cars".

          Later, I also learnt another interesting fact of environment protection there. In some states of America, in order to decrease air pollution, save energy and reduce traffic jams, state governments encourage people to take buses to work or to share a car among several people. They even set special "diamond lanes" in some main streets, which are only for the vehicles with 2 or more people.

          The positive actions of American people and the effective measures the American government takes in environment protection fully won my respects and deeply affected my consciousnein environment protection.

          When I was back in China, people often asked me: " What do you think of America?" I always bolt out:" Wonderful, especially the beautiful environment." Frankly speaking, after several years, the faces of my American teachers and friends have gradually faded away from my mind, but the blue sky, green graand lovely animals in California often arise in my mind, and became my dream of visiting there again.

          The 2008 Olympics provide us with the opportunity to publicize and practise environment protection in Beijing. Is it possible for Beijing to Is it possible for Beijing to become as beautiful as California? The answer is "yes", but the dream needs every Beijing citizen's full support and active moves to accomplish.

          From now on, if every student who is driven to school can take bus or ride bicycle to school once a week, if every car owner goes to work in a car pool once a week, we can make a difference. If everyone can actively protect the environment in our daily life, the blue sky, green graand lovely animals in California will appear in Beijing.

          Tiny streams can combine into a vast ocean, small trees can together be an immense forest. Beijing is often described as a beautiful and aged picture. If every Beijing citizen adds a trait of green on the picture, the whole Beijing will become an ocean of green. Let us unite together to win the competition of environment protection in Beijing, and present the world a big gold medal. That is "Green Beijing, Great Olympics ".


          as we all know, the challenge and opportunity always, confused with hope, in the 21st century, is also twin human facing challenges period. special performance in this aspect of the relation between man and nature. human deforestation, blind development farming, damaging the vegetation, causes soil erosion, desertification, any natural resources, make the underground mining mineral deposits in the increasingly exhausted, wastewater and waste, exhaust gas emission, make continuous natural environment seriously deteriorating.

          human nature is excessive to take, suffer the nature ruthleretaliation: hurricane, rainstorm, storms, floods and drought, insect, heat, forest fires, earthquake, etc., the world because of drought disaster equipoised reasons caused the transference refugees until 2025 reach 100m. painful ecological lesson, has attracted the attention of the world and all mankind, ioc commission inspection bid cities, improving the eco-environment is one important content. china has issued a lot of environmental protection policies and regulations. our country also attaches great importance to the protection of environment education, the "building a green campus activities", in the country for grandeur.

          students, our school is always in advocating "green wanli", which is one of important content protection beautify our campus. we often see many students on campus each picking up litter, with our own hands to protect a beautiful campus. however, we also often see some we don't want to see their scenario: the playground, stairs, corridor have the pa-pe-r scraps, the profession. again see the lawn, some classmates in trample, the school's green belts, sometimes found to have deep foot-prints, some places even gone became trail.

          my fellow students, we is the 21st century master, awareneof environmental protection is modern signs. we must have the era of responsibility. responding to global, focus on the side, based on the campus. many curved waist, don't pick up peel confetti throws anywhere disorderly vomit, more step, don't crogreen belts, grassland. "kindnesmall and not for, is a sin to steal a pin," starts from me, since the childhood, starts from the side with, starting from now. to protect the earth mother, purify the campus.

          we only have one world

          as is known to all , we have a beautiful world .we can see the sun shining. we can see the moon in a full view. we can see the birds flying in the sky. we can see the horses running on the plain. however, the world is not as beautiul as before, for human beings have brought a disaster to the world.

          so it is high time that we should do something to change this situation. as a citizen, we can do much for it. for example, we could use disposable goods less. and we are supposed to save resources such as water, electricity and so on. also, we ought to plant more trees to reduce the greenhouse effect. in addition, we could try our best to publicize the knowledge of environment protection. because we only have one world。


          Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. Today,we are gathering here to discuss a very hot issue. how to find harmony in a new age between man and nature? Where modern science and technology are concerned I am only a layman I have to say. However, living in this "new age" , seeing my dear ones suffering from respiratory diseases from time to time, finding the beautiful colors of green and blue are being replaced by that of gray and pale, and realizing that our mother planet is getting more and more unhealthy; I can't help trying to offer my idea and my trivial efforts to look for the answer of the question.

          As the ancient Greek oracle goes: know thyself. I think in answering this above-mentioned question, this precondition is also very important.

          Who are we? This is a question, which should be answered not only by those specialists, but also by every one of human beings.

          Some people may proudly say: we are the masters of nature. It is true that the idea of "man can conquer nature" has dominated people's mind for years, and it is true, man has kept acting like a master and doing whatever things he wants for thousands of years. However, as the consequence of this kind of "leadership" , now the "master" seems to be confronted with problems that are far beyond his control. Facts are really very ample. The

          green house effect leaves islands and cities along the coast, such as this oriental pearl-Shanghai, in danger of the disaster of being drowned; the holes of the ozone layer make the earth less suitable to live for some creatures including human beings; the phenomena of EL Nino and La Nina leave the land with serious flood and drought, and the diseases, caused by pollution, are increasing at an incredible speed... Seeing all these facts, can we still ignore the counterattack of nature? We are not the masters of nature. Facing all the disasters made by ourselves, we, mankind as a whole should realize that we are just a normal member of the big family of nature. Any mistreatment towards nature will meet only with the revenge from her.

          By saying so, I do not mean we should give a sudden stop to any development. Because that will result in a threat to the existence of human society. I mean we should treat nature equally, leaving the chance of existence and development to nature as we are obtaining the same thing, and thus we will get the situation of win-win.

          I am very pleased to find that now more and more people, from every corner of the planet, have come to realize that harmony with nature is the only way to universal and continuous progress and prosperity. And I think that is why we come here from all over the country to discuss this topic today.

          I want to end my speech by quoting from Mr. Nixon. "Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity." The future is not ours to see of course. However, by seizing firmly the opportunities, by knowing clearly about ourselves, we, human beings, can doubtlessly achieve the real harmony with nature!

          Thank you.


          Dear teachers and students

          Good morning, everyone!

          The topic of my speech under the National Flag today is "protecting the environment and building a harmonious campus". Whenever we walk into the campus, we can feel her clean and beautiful. Her vitality and vitality are permeated everywhere, such as neat teaching buildings, spacious and clean corridors, brand-new rubber runways, pleasant flowers and trees. But we also find some subtle changes in our campus environment. For example, black footprints and spots appear on the white wall next to the stairs, there are often some scraps of paper in the classroom, some food packaging bags can be seen everywhere at the gate of the school, garbage is everywhere in the toilet, and some people love to touch the flowers and trees in the flower pool... These are the "masterpieces" of our individual students.

          Let's talk about these practices of our civilized primary school students? The answer must be "no". In order to make our campus more green, more vitality and more clean, let it become our childhood paradise. Let's take positive action! To protect our campus environment, I propose to all teachers and students to "love the campus environment and start with me". I hope you can do the following:

          1 start with me, start from now on, and develop good health habits.

          2. Take good care of the public facilities on campus. Don't Scribble, tread on the lawn or break branches.

          3 advocate the "bending spirit", pick up the garbage at the sight of it, and throw it into the bucket without fear of trouble.

          4 consciously say goodbye to uncivilized behavior, fight against uncivilized behavior, and become a little guard of environmental protection.

          Students, let's start bit by bit, love the campus environment, self-discipline and mutual inspection. Pick up a piece of garbage and leave one side clean. "School garbage free action" needs you, me and our joint efforts!

          Thank you!


          Teachers and students:

          hello everyone!

          The topic of my speech is to protect the environment. Earth, a beautiful blue planet. But we throw rubbish and put a black veil on this beautiful planet.

          The world's garbage is surging every year, reaching 50 billion tons! When garbage is landfilled, chemicals may leak and pollute groundwater and land. If you burn garbage, it will pollute the air. In the face of excessive garbage, the best way is garbage collection.

          We recycle some recyclable things in the garbage, such as bottles, cartons, handbags, etc. after these things are recycled, you may not recognize them when they are reused. This can not only save a lot of resources, but also reduce the amount of waste.

          We should make up for our mistakes with our own actions. I believe that through our efforts, the earth will become a beautiful blue planet again!

          That's the end of my speech. Thank you.













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